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Air Capital Flight 83
Order of Daedalians

@ To encourage military aerospace activities to insure that the United States of America maintains its freedom and status among nations of the world;
  To encourage young people who receive valuable aerospace   training to make the military their career;

@ To encourage and support activities that will improve methods of flight and flight safety;

@ To encourage and stimulate the younger generations in developing those attributes that are the basis of the Tenets of the Order;

@ To assist in the education of deserving persons in the fields of aerospace engineering and flight;

@ To increase the membership of the Order (to near the maximum of those eligible) so that the weight of its membership and the prestige of the Order will insure perpetuity and augment the capabilities of the Order to effect its Objectives.

     In the presence of Almighty God and these witnesses, I promise I will forever abide by the Tenets of the Order of Daedalians:
                First, to place nation above self; 
                Second, to be worthy of the trust 
                     and confidence of fellow Daedalians. 
     I make this promise with no equivocation or mental reservation and ask Almighty God to assist me in unwavering adherance to the spirit and provisions of this Promise.  
     So help me God and keep me steadfast.
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